The Telma Foundation selected by the United Nations.

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Launched on December 5th 2014 in Antananarivo, the Private Sector Humanitarian Platform, first initiative of its
kind in the world, ensures a better coordination of humanitarian efforts. From the beginning, some sixty companies
expressed their interested in joining the platform.
The Private Sector Humanitarian Platform now counts 28 member companies organized by clusters. Numerous
initiatives with a direct impact on disaster-affected populations have been launched through the Platform, including:
▪ The reception and dissemination of meteorological alerts and other emergency documents (situation reports,
bulletins, etc.) through Telma Foundation in partnership with the NDMO and the National Meteorological
▪ Conducting a post-disaster exercise supported by UNOCHA to share lessons learned
▪ Facilitating the donation of internet connections and SIM cards with data management in emergency response
situations in collaboration with Telma Foundation
▪ Performing mobile money transfers during emergency response situations in collaboration with Telma, Telma
Foundation, the BNGRC, UNICEF and Madagascar Oil
▪ Facilitating a partnership between CARE International and Leader Price to prepare dignity kits to be donated to
▪ Responding to calls for assistance from the government and UN agencies by connecting private companies
directly to communities through the BNGRC and/or UN Agencies, by facilitating partnerships, the collection of
food and clothing, and organizing national and international fundraising (mobile money), etc.
▪ The provision of flying hours by helicopter for assistance by Ambatovy
▪ The provision of fast boats to evacuate people in danger by Copefrito

The Telma Foundation was selected by the United Nations to represent the private sector for Eastern and
Austral Africa at the first World Humanitarian Summit.
As President of the platform, the Telma Foundation will introduce Madagascar Private Sector Humanitarian Platform
at the summit. The platform was created in 2014 under the initiative of the Telma Foundation, first of its kind.
The 5000 participants expected to attend the summit will be able to find out more about the organization, the
objectives and the achievements of the Platform through a dedicated stand, and through the participation of the
Telma Foundation to several special sessions at the Summit.