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Picture $4 million in your mind.

That’s about how much has now been raised in Mackenzie Health Foundation’s $5-million Picture This campaign to buy a new MRI scanner for the Richmond Hill hospital.

The campaign got a huge boost recently from a Richmond Hill couple, Latif and Yasmin Fazel. They have pledged $250,000 — yes, a quarter of a million dollars — to bring a second, more powerful magnetic resonance imaging machine.

Currently patients and staff are using a temporary MRI in the parking lot of the hospital.

For Mr. Fazel, the fundraising campaign is both professional and personal.

Professional because he’s the co-chairperson of the Picture This campaign, but personal because he’s a heart attack survivor.

Inspired to support the hospital after surviving two heart attacks 10 years ago, the Liberty Development Corp. CEO and his wife decided to help ensure the community has better access to advanced life-saving technology.

The couple also hopes to inspire philanthropic giving to the hospital from other community members, corporate key players and their own Jaffari Islamic community.

An MRI scanner uses powerful magnets, radio frequency fields and computers to conduct 2D and 3D images of the body, permitting discovery and diagnoses of conditions from cancer and heart disease to stroke and sports injuries.

A new MRI scanner will have the ability to produce clearer, more detailed images of the body, helping radiologists and physicians identify and focus on specific diagnoses and conditions so treatment can begin sooner.

So far, $4.1 million has been raised.